Here you can access audio recordings of Awareness Through Movement group classes taught by Zoran Kovich.
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Zoran Kovich
MSc (Cog.Sc.), BA (Soc.Sc.), BA (Dance)
Feldenkrais Method teacher & trainer
Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher

zkZoran is an experienced Feldenkrais Method teacher who specialises in working with people who desire to enhance their abilities and quality of life by deepening their experience of their body, movement, and themselves.

Zoran began his academic life as a philosopher/historian and professional life as a dancer. He has channelled his wide ranging interests into a career spanning 33 years working in the field of human movement and cognition. His deep passion for learning and teaching have made him a sought after presenter and facilitator.

Drawing on his knowledge of Somatic Education systems, cognitive science, performing arts, social sciences, and the martial arts, he creates practical lessons and courses that address peoples’ personal and professional needs and interests.

From 1990 to 2009 Zoran lectured extensively in university performing arts programs, and currently teaches ‘Dance & Somatics’ at the Australian College of Physical Education. He works in Australian Feldenkrais training programs, and offer courses, workshops, classes, and private lessons at the Mindful Action Studio.

Stepping through the dance of life.     A short biography written by a journalist.